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Features to classify clients, generate customer acquaintance, structure client connection, and determining their acuity of the association and its merchandise

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Lead Management

Lead Management Most Important Feature in CRM for determining high quality of leads. This Technology allows you to take decisions of the best customers to follow up based on Geographical & psychographic Factors. We can say Lead scoring.

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Contact Management

Contact management, is a portion of CRM that occasionally drives by customer management software, is an indispensable CRM competency. It permits users to fragment your contacts into groups to unify and enhanced cater to them.

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Campaign Management

The key to an active campaign Cool facts is its marketing automation tools, which go into advanced CRM. Active Campaign quickly identifies your customers with your most interested leads with a little more than a glance at your dashboard.

Work Flow

CRM software can make your life easier by automating your workflow. See customer to help you and your team become more productive which lets you set custom rules and come with sales force automation. You can set your CRM software to automatically perform a specific action based on triggers or events by using such rules. CRM software automatically directs a message to the appropriate sales representative or department. When the potential customer fills out a contact form on your website. When the sales representative receives a message, Than the CRM software automatically sends a pre-set response to accept the message, the sales representative then receives a message. Workflow automation features can also take time and groundwork in thorny sales tasks such as order processing, Order tracking and inventory control.


Digital Business card

Get your Interactive business with most Advanced & Stunning Digital Business cards. Digital Business cards help your business to reach out around the world. You can create & share your contact information through WhatsApp, EMail, Location & Map etc. in just one click by sharing it. Enrich & track your business globally through Smart Communication that has been actionable via E-mode.



Most CRM degrees allow customization. This is done to go beyond customization capabilities, simple dashboard or template tweaks, and change the underlying capabilities of CRM. It includes the selection to assimilate the software you are presently using such as Mail chimp for email marketing. And if your business is well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers. Or it contains a team of software developers, you should be capable to enhance tools for customise, structures, or workflows built by your team into the CRM.


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CRM that reports all features to classify clients, generate customer acquaintance, structure client connection, and determining their acuities of the association and its merchandise